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Our Team

Capital's faculty combine extensive line experience as corporate financiers, bankers, equity analysts and asset managers together with over 50 years in learning and development as both procurers and providers of tailored in-house training, eLearning and blended learning.

Capital's depth of experience as both practitioners and trainers enables us to be effective at all levels in an organisation, from intern training to board level one-to-one coaching.

Our overriding philosophy is that for training to be effective it needs to be relevant and enjoyable. However, such an approach must be backed up by the necessary expertise. All our tutors have extensive market experience as well as excellent technical understanding.

Capital has

  • specialists in all aspects of valuation who work with global corporates and investment banking teams
  • accountants who are renowned within their fields and are able to analyse credit and valuation fundamentals without getting bogged down in the jargon
  • experts in capital markets who are equally expert in making it practical, interactive and interesting
  • modellers with a depth of experience in creating robust and flexible models for many different purposes
  • unparalleled experience in delivering to cross-cultural audiences
  • many more people who love to make training a fun and valuable experience.